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Welcome to VendorTawk

Post by VendorTawk-Kevin » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:00 am

I would like to officially welcome everyone to VendorTawk and our community forums. We are a community of small business owners who operate brick and mortar stores as well as participate in shows all over the United States. These shows include craft shows, flea markets, festival and fairs. The goal of the community is to help each other find the shows that work best for our items we sell, improve our websites or build them if needed and to connect with show managers and wholesale companies. As you have seen from our main website we also review shows, companies and offer resources to help you build your business.

We know that some of you are secretive about your sales at any given show and we do not ask that you share this. What we are asking is for you to help guide others to shows that might help them grow their own businesses. They just might be in a position to help you as well if not now, but maybe in the future.

Please be respectful and helpful if you have useful information. We look forward to seeing our community grow. Look for our team to visit shows and talk to you and new vendors in the near future. Our goal is to go out and grow the community.

Thanks Everyone,


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