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One of the daunting tasks facing any business is the ability to find items you want to sell at a price that allows you to make a good profit. Salehoo can help you meet this goal.

Salehoo wholesale review

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is a wholesale directory founded in 2005 to help connect wholesale companies and business owners. Based in New Zealand Salehoo has a huge database of wholesale companies that is constantly updated to insure that information is current and up to date. Once in a while though a company that has been sold or has gone out of business was missed, but this is a rarity from what we have found with Salehoo.

How Does it Work?

After signing up for a Salehoo account you will gain access to their backend dashboard which you can see below from our dashboard.



From your dashboard you will be able to quickly and easily filter and search for wholesale companies. One of the best parts of Salehoo that we love is that they offer and extensive database of drop shippers, suppliers, liquidators and manufacturers. Having this all under one roof is amazing and will save you untold hours of searching the internet especially if you do a lot of drop shipping.

Searching is easy and as we said you can filter your results. This can come in handy if you have a particular type of item in mind such as gift baskets. In fact you are able to narrow your results by supplier type, ships worldwide and many others. Their search system is incredibly user friendly and makes for finding supply partners extremely easy.

You can also contact suppliers through your dashboard when you view their listing. This makes reaching out to suppliers easy and quick. Also so you don’t lose these companies you are interested in you are able to save searches and better yet favorite suppliers so they are quickly available in your dashboard.


Features are great if they are useful and Salehoo features are very useful. One of these useful features is called Product Trends found under the Labs menu drop-down.


As you can see Product Trends will give you different types of products that are trending across the internet. There are several products beyond what you see here, but this gives you and idea. How can this help you? If you are looking for items that may be great sellers this is where Product Trends comes in. It can help you to identify products that you might want to drop ship or take with you the next festival you attend.


One of the things that adds real value to Salehoo is the training they offer. While not a free feature their training program is full of information that can help you with selling through pretty much any avenue you choose. You will learn how to source products and sell successfully online which is the trend that we are all fighting to learn now. Their training is not just something that teaches you how to sell on eBay. In fact their training covers the full spectrum of how to sell online from Amazon to your own website. This information can be invaluable to helping you convert more of your online visitors.



So How Much Does it Cost?

Salehoo is always running specials to join their directory. Their annual subscription price is only $67.00. While some directories charge you a one time fee remember that their price can run several hundred dollars and we have found that no one keeps their directory more current nor provides better customer service.

Once you sign up you will be afforded the opportunity during sign-up to save money on their online training course. While not necessary for everyone for those that are still learning this information will come in handy. It is a one time payment that gives you lifetime access is highly discounted if you purchase it during your initial signup. We paid $67 for our training course, but we are not sure if this changes ever.

The only downfall to Salehoo that many say is its price. There are other directories that we have used over the years that are free or cost less, but sometimes you get what you pay for.



There are some things that you need to know when dealing with any wholesale company or directory. Make sure you do your research. While it is a great source for finding suppliers Salehoo does not set the prices they charge. Part of sourcing your products is to make sure you get the best deal you can so that you can make money across a number of platforms. If you plan to sell exclusively online than we recommend you do your research by checking the online Juggernauts Amazon and eBay before you choose a supplier. The reason we say this is so that you can find the trending retail price. Since most people are going to look at these two websites when they think of making a purchase it is important to know what their current retail prices are like.

We believe in Salehoo though as a source and would recommend it highly for anyone looking to find reputable product suppliers.


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9.1 Total Score
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